Sunday, May 20, 2007

Going No Where Fast

A friend of the family recommended a family doctor who she said had helped with her sinus headaches, and she thought this doctor might be able to help me with my migraines.

I decided to see this doctor the other day. She seemed nice enough, but she said my migraines were so complex and with my sensitivities to side effects, she could only recommend that I see a neurologist or go to a headache clinic.

Then she told me that her sister had bad migraines and she had gone to The Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute, but the waiting list was long. It could take three to seven months to get in. Her sister had ended up spending thousands of dollars with not much migraine relief, but it might work for me, although insurance typically doesn’t cover it.

That was an encouraging story, I thought.

I told her I did see neurologist a few months ago, but she had just pushed Topamax on me, even though I expressed how concerned I was about the side effects from anti-seizure medicine. In addition, it didn’t make me feel very good, watching her eyes glaze over as I told my medical history. It was as if she had already put me in a diagnosis box and that was that. Then when I said I didn’t really want to take it, she acted as if I was a pre-schooler who didn’t know what was good for me.

So I guess seeing how I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a headache clinic on a chance it might work, I think I need to try to find another neurologist who I might actually be able to talk to.


deborah said...

Hmm, been there. oh, and there (MHNI) good luck with that. I love the Migraine Barbie by the way. As far as the diagnosis box - couldn't have said it better!

Migraine Chick said...

I'm so glad you love the Migraine Barbie!