Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moody Blues

Yesterday in The Detroit News in the Health and Fitness section there was an article about not letting menopause getting you down titled Moody Blues

"Are you a little more irritable than usual? Are your monthly periods turning into a quarterly event? Does life seem more overwhelming now than just a few short months ago? Either you're under a lot of stress or you may be entering the whacky world of menopause, the term commonly used to encompass the time before, when and after a woman stops menstruating."

Sometimes, I think with all this migraine pain that I forget I have other perimenopause systems like mood swings and the feeling I'm being overwhelmed by life. A lot of times, I take these feelings as my inability to cope with my migraines. So I think I need to give myself more of a break and try to realize where all this is coming from.

I wish the article had mentioned migraines as a symptom though instead of just "headaches."

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