Thursday, April 19, 2007

Migraine Advice at Work

I work with a very diverse set of characters at work, with it being a call center, and I've gotten some pretty interesting advice for my migraines over the years. Some of it makes sense like "drink a cup of coffee and go lay down in a dark room" and some of it is truly questionable. What do you think?

One lady said that the ink from my tattoos had seemed into my brain and it was poisoning me. That's why I have migraines.

Another woman said that I might have too much water on the brain and I need to piss it out.

Someone told me to eat a banana every morning. It worked for a friend.

A guy offered to score me some pot. (I declined)

And a supervisor told me it was because I was a vegetarian. (I've been a vegetarian for twenty years, take plenty of vitamins, and I've had migraines for about half that time. You do the math.)

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Angel said...

Yeah I get suggestions all the time from well-meaning people. People who don't have chronic headaches or migraines just don't get that it's *so* much more than "a headache".

The banana thing--I think it's because of the magnesium? Potassium? Which can help with headaches/migraines.

I tell you, there are some days my head hurts so bad, I'd be tempted to try pot if it weren't illegal (and I don't smoke either).

I get lots of "have you tried a chiropractor?"

And the headache med commercials sure don't make it easier for us.