Monday, April 16, 2007

Boogie Woogie Migraine Night

It’s hard to make plans with your friends when you’re a Migraine Chick. Some friends of mine asked me to go to a boogie-woogie piano concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor (Mr. B's 10th Annual Blues and Boogie Celebration). I agreed to go, but of course, I was living in migraine land the night of the concert. It wasn’t a full-blown migraine, but it was enough to cause me worry about the evening. Still the ticket had cost $35.00 and I didn’t want to disappoint my friends.

Therefore, I loaded up on some drugs, brought some earplugs and forged forward. Much to my dismay, I learned that boogie-woogie piano music is very loud. My earplugs weren’t much help and the concert lasted over four hours with for different pianists.

At one point, I was ready to offer the staff at The Ark money to make it stop, and I found myself wishing I had brought a little brass hammer to break some pianists' knuckles. That’s when I knew I needed a break, so I took a long bathroom visit to find some quiet.

Overall, my friends had a good time. They had no idea about my throbbing head, but the dark circles under my eyes the next morning told another story.

I learned a valuable lesson as a Migraine Chick. Before you go to a concert, make sure you listen to the type of music first.

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howtocopewithpain said...

Better to go, and learn what you can and can't do, than not do things, right! Good for you.